Personal Responsibility Essay

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  • Published : November 27, 2011
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Students are Responsible for Their Own Educational Future
John Doe
Jane Doe

Students are Responsible for Their Own Educational Future
A student is personally responsible for the integrity, dedication, and attitude committed to furthering their education. Personal responsibility is defined as taking responsibility for one’s actions and accepting the consequences of those actions. In the area of education, it means students are the ones that will be held accountable for their schoolwork. Blaming circumstance or other people for failure to obtain a degree will not change the fact they did not live up to the standards agreed upon before enrollment. Personal responsibility is about the integrity to make the choice to do our own work. Therefore, shortcuts that cheat us and take away from the learning experience should be avoided. The reward of hard work and an honest effort is a better understanding and greater appreciation for the subject. Schools should work to create a culture of academic honesty. Professors, staff, and students must understand that integrity and honesty are valued qualities to be nurtured and maintained. Those who truly value learning, never even consider cheating. That is academic integrity (ASCCC, 2007). A student must have the courage to own both the good that is accomplished and the mistakes made along the way. The mark of a mature student is to learn from these mistakes and continue to improve. A positive attitude displayed towards constructive criticism is essential in order to achieve the necessary improvements. Personal responsibility is a virtue that should apply to a student’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. Ultimately, with sufficient resources available, the time and effort a student contributes will determine their amount of success. Members of the School of Education and Human Development at George Washington University wrote Recent scholarship has emphasized the importance of student effort and...
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