Role of Student in Present Society

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  • Published : August 3, 2010
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Role of student in present society

Student period is the formative period in one’s life. A student must develop all such qualities in him during this period as enable him to lead a successful life. All activities are good if one remains with in reasonable limits. Students should therefore, pay attention to their studies.

In India, education signified knowledge of the self. Education meant character building and drawing out the best in each individual. Education and learning has always been everything to do with life and living. Education enabled the student to realize within himself the strength and freedom to take control of his life without fear. The aim of such education was to bring out the best abilities in every individual, family, community and the society, in offer for the service of the land and the people.

When students have been treated with respect, they have lived up to it and displayed a strong sense of responsibility. On being recognized as individuals, they have displayed a readiness to work for change within the existing system rather than by dropping out of it.

For all round development of a student, it is essential that ways for partaking in extracurricular activities be available. It is in this view that extracurricular activities conducted regularly to enable students to discover and hone their skills in fields that are not academic in nature. Technical activities are also held on a regular basis to promote excellence in technical skills among the student body. These activities are completely organized by the student community.

Education is an integrated enterprise. Unfortunately the society at large as well as the government looks at it in a segmented way _Elementary education, secondary education, Higher education, general education, technical education, vocational education etc.

First role is to provide education for those who fall within its direct fold. The second role is to guide the functionaries and planners of...
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