Personal Responsibility Rough Draft

Topics: Management, Goal, Responsibility Pages: 5 (1745 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Samuel Cedeno
August 27, 2012
Instructor: Jennifer Smith
Personal Responsibility Leads to Success
Even though a person taking on too many responsibilities can lead to his or her downfall, personal responsibility can lead to success in higher education. Because responsibility is the force that binds an individual to the course of action demanded by the goal, personal responsibility can incur beneficial habits and admirable behaviors that will advocate successful outcome. The state of New York once sought to raise $24 million in donations to give to poor residents as an incentive to stay in school, stay at work, and stay on track (Traub, 2006). I will be revealing some examples, to implement, of personal responsibility and demonstrating how I intend to enact them in my own pursuit of higher education. The two tools that I will be discussing and relating to myself are planning and time management. I will also divulge how personal responsibility can be damaging and lead to unsuccessfulness. Planning Ahead

Responsibility, on the personal level will alleviate some of the difficulties I cause with irresponsibleness, which deters my continuing education. Planning ahead is a vital part responsibility. It is the basis for maintaining ones day-to-day activities. Having a schedule and knowing when task are to be complete can relieve the stress of feeling hastened and out of time. “He who fails to plan, plans to fail” is something my father would tell me quite often when I was younger. I have found this out firsthand. Prioritizing ones goals can keep a person from losing track of time and losing focus. I am putting into place a goals calendar. On the Goals Calendar I have inserted the goals I plan to accomplish and by when I plan to accomplish them. Here is an example: Gen/200 by September 17th or Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice by September 15th 2015. As each goal is achieved, it is marked off; if one is not completed, I move it to the top of Planning Ahead

the list until it is accomplished. Keeping the goal at the forefront when incomplete serves two purposes. One purpose is as a reminder that there is a task incomplete and to make sure I finish it. A second purpose this serves is to show that I possibly spent too much time in leisure or completing another task and must do a better job of accomplishing my goals. This implementation of one tool of responsibility helps in the final goal of graduation. Time Management

Personal Responsibility can also inherently bring beneficial habits and admirable behaviors that will advocate a successful outcome. It is said by an author, ”Each of us has the same 24 hours in a day, but some of us manage to get more accomplished because we use time more efficiently” (Chohan, 2011). Time management can lead to spare time for completing more important task, alleviating stress, and promoting better quality of work. Time management works hand in hand with planning. A time management schedule allows the user to see when each task is due to start and end, giving him or her accurate use of one persons’ time. On my Time Schedule, I mark in for every day what time I am beginning my class and the time of completion. On the side of the schedule, I leave a note indicating what task I plan to accomplish for that period. If there is a scheduling conflict or the task takes longer than expected, I can move other task of lesser importance around to fit my day. I find myself with plenty of time to relax and enjoy my evenings, all because of time management and schedule planning.

The Weight of too Much Responsibility
The amount of responsibility taken on can lead a person downfall if not carefully overseen. Difficulties can arise from taking on to many tasks at one time. In a study conducted by a University of Tennessee professor and two doctoral students (Williams, Carroll, & Hautau, 2005), it is shown how high achieving students (90% and above), whom easily complete...
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