Organizational View of Vet Centers

Topics: Veteran, United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Management Pages: 4 (1376 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Organizational View of Vet Centers and Readjustment Counseling Services of the Department of Veterans Affairs Rob Fortner
University of Phoenix

With the end of the war in Iraq and the pending drawdown of forces in Afghanistan, the United States will see a substantial increase in the amount of combat veterans in the civilian world. At current there are approximately 300,000 veterans in the United States who suffer the effects from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by combat operations. With this number sure to grow over the next few years, it is paramount to identify the organizations the government has set up to serve this population. The Department of Veterans Affairs has established the Readjustment Counseling Service (RCS) division of its healthcare branch. The RCS has established 302 Vet Centers across the country to provide servicemen and women with readjustment counseling to help make the transition from military to civilian life (Department of Veterans Affairs, 2012). This paper will discuss the organizational structure, functions, and design of RCS to illustrate how it will meet the needs of veterans. RCS is structured horizontally and organized divisionally based on geographic regions. The line department, or unit that deals with RCS’s primary service, is the Vet Center. The staff department or unit that supports the Vet Center is the Regional Office. At current there are twenty two regions across the United States. Each region has a regional manager to oversee all operations of RCS. Every Regional manager has four deputy managers that are in charge of administration and counseling. There are two deputy managers, one Deputy Manager of Counseling and one Deputy Manager of Administration, at each Regional Office. Each Deputy Manager has an Under-Deputy as well. Every one of these regions has Vet Centers, which are community based, store front offices set up to provide readjustment counseling to combat veterans. There are 302 Vet...
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