Personal Responsibility

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  • Published : December 22, 2012
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Personal responsibility is the most important ethic that you can exercise. With the cultivation of personal responsibility comes growth in all areas of life. It's a matter of taking charge of yourself and your circumstances with thoughts, words and facts guided. Personal responsibility is the action of not being dependent; you just are in control of their actions and destiny. Using research, experience, imagination and the analysis we will create the best possible workable theories to achieve great results. Responsibility is a very primordial value today, because is helpful in the daily life, both in moral, personal and sentimental. Responsible persons excel in many areas and are worthy to recognize when a person duly fulfills its responsibilities. Responsible people are one who is aware of his actions and assume the consequences of their actions, whether accidentally or intentionally. Even though the irresponsibility of a man, are priorities, because part of daily leaving and fundamental to life. Priorities, a priority is something important compared to other things, must receive more resources and be treated faster. . For example: "Public health is the priority of this government," "If you do not have a house, and bought a new car, I think you have changed priorities", "The company has many problems, but the priority is to pay right salaries "."Time and money are the two most common factors that lead to set priorities." If a person has many pending tasks, it is common to set a list of priorities to cater first what we already cannot wait. For example: fix an electrical problem in a home is overriding the redecoration. In terms of money, given that usually a scarce resource, the priority list can meet the most urgent needs first or base, for example: paying rent will have priority over the purchase of a video game.” I think our own priorities depend on several factors, such as age, relationship status, your parents, your siblings, your grandparents, your friends, your finances, your character, your confidence, your intellectual level or your profession. Because considering these themes, we can define what our priorities are and we find incomprehensible the priorities of others. He proposed several types of intelligence, with equal importance: • Linguistic intelligence: the ability to use words properly. It characterizes the writers and poets; and involves the use of both brain hemispheres. • Logical-mathematical intelligence: ability to solve problems of logic and mathematics also is fundamental to scientists and philosophers; by using this type of intelligence the human uses the logical hemisphere. • Musical intelligence: capacity related to the musical arts. It is the talent of the musicians, singers and dancers. Musicians commonly knew it by the term of "good ear". • Spatial intelligence: the ability to distinguish things like: color, line, shape, form, space, and their relationships in three dimensions. This intelligence relates to fields as diverse as design, architecture, engineering, sculpture, surgery or navigates. • Body Intelligence: ability to control and coordinate body movements and express feelings with him. It is the talent of the actors, mimes, and dancers, also involves athletes or surgeons, because their talents or the manner of they make their things. • Intrapersonal intelligence: is related to emotions, and its related to the psychological sciences. • Interpersonal or social intelligence: is the ability to understand others with empathy, is related to emotions; it’s typical of salesman, politicians, teachers or therapists. • Naturalist Intelligence: use it to observe, study, organize and classify the nature; biologists and naturalists are the ones who develop it. • Existential or philosophical intelligence: the ability to position itself with respect to the cosmos and autosuggestion. This one requires further study to be characterized as intelligence. This last two intelligence, Howard Gardner...
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