Distinctive Progression Through Life

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Oscar Vega
Professor Romero
English 68

Distinctive progression through life

As far back as is recorded in history, mankind has evolved and made immense amounts of progress in all aspects of human society. From the formations of the first civilizations to the most recent technological advances, progress is an essential attribute demonstrated by the human kind. Most commonly, progress is enthusiastically applied to the home, education and business sections of human life. A happy home is always growing financially, but most importantly progressing emotionally. Without either one being asserted in a household, the home slowly but surely starts to deteriorate. The same basic principles of progression can be applied to school and the work environment. Society has set a standard in which a person has to be educated to be considered civilized. Progression through the nations’ schooling system is paramount towards achieving a role in today’s working society. Once established in a career field, an employee’s desire is to rapidly rise through the higher ranks. Progression through the ranks becomes a priority for financial gain, for money brings the ability to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Generally speaking, a home is held together by the love shared between each individual in the family. Progression of a household can be taken either on a literal sense, or as a figurative way to measure growth of emotions and bonds within relatives. The literal sense of growth implies the reproduction of the family. Not only to include children, but to take account of pets as well. All members of the home have their own distinct personality, therefore each requires a different approach and diverse bonds emerge from within the same tight knit group of blood related persons. This progression of distinct connections with one another is vital for the identity, not just of each individual, but for the family as a whole as well. Realistically, it is well...
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