Continuity and Change in Family Arrangements in China. a Comparison with the Uk Family

Topics: Family, Feminism, Marriage Pages: 6 (1701 words) Published: October 25, 2011
Continuity and change in family arrangements in China.
A comparison with the UK family

1. Introduction

This essay is aim to compare the two countries with long shining history. China has got 2000 years’ feudal history which leads to the deep-rooted patriarchy and sexual discrimination. The UK used to be the empire on which the sun never sets, with the strongest economic and military power, patriarchy didn’t weak until recent years.

These two giants have changed hugely nowadays. With the on-going of research, we will try to get the true reasons of the start and fading to patriarchy. Analysis of the different conditions in two countries can demonstrate a major image of society status obviously.

2. Main Body

2.1 Firstly we need to give family a definition

As is known to all, definitions of the family may vary and change over time and according to areas of interest. One early definition of the family was that offered by the anthropologist George Peter Murdock (Erera 2001): The ancestors are amusing accumulation characterized by accepted residence, bread-and-butter cooperation, and reproduction. It includes adults of both sexes, at atomic two of whom advance a socially accustomed animal relationship and one or added children, own or adopted, of the sexually cohabiting adults.

For short, it can be concluded as “married man and woman with their offspring” that is known as the nuclear family (Van der Klis 2008).

The other one is extended family which extends beyond the former one, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives, who all live nearby or in one household.

2.2 About the Patriarchy

Patriarchy is an arrangement of association in which the ancestor or earlier macho is arch of the ancestors and coast is traced through the macho line. Feudal patriarchy will abuse and afflict the spirit of addition and advancement.

2.2.1 Patriarchy in China

When talking about the patriarchy in China, Confucian has to be the accomplished criminal. With the enactment of patriarchy, the acceptable Confucian abstraction on women that men are above to women has taken shape.

On one hand, traditional culture is still prosperous depending on marriage living condition. On the other hand, the booming economy just makes a great contribution to the liberty of women. With the improvement of education and family economic conditions, women get a bigger chance to live with their parents instead of their husbands’ families. Besides, the urbanization process also makes a contribution to exceed the traditional custom of patrilocal residence which cannot be ignored.

According to the research on the influence of family and community level on marriage patterns, the living conditions of married women stayed static. Patrilocal residence is still common and taking a rise. On the contrary, men who are living with their wives’ family are rare to find. After more than two decades of headlong rush to transform China from an autarkic centrally planned economy into a limited open-market economy. Now cultural heritage and economic factors restrict women's choice of residence after marriage.

In fact, at the beginning of 1970s and 1980s, the government had implemented an action which accustomed parents alive in state-owned enterprises to retire aboriginal and align their developed accouchement to plan in the aforementioned enterprises. In appearance of the “replacement” policy, developed accouchement lived with their parents in the aforementioned cites and formed for the aforementioned enterprises. In all, admitting the official against Confucian culture, because of such affectionate of Chinese-style socialism and abridgement of labour market, a lot of developed accouchement maintained abutting accord with their parents. Even the abridgement ameliorate started in 1978, it had not afflicted the bearings of low advancement abundant until the mid-1990s.

2.2.2 Patriarchy in UK

Before the 18th century, scholars in...
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