Dbq on Patriarchy in Mespotamia

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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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Patriarchy is a system of society where men are the supreme authority. They control everything and women have none or, if any at all, very little power. Patriarchy was the foundation of Mesopotamia, Ancient China, and Aryan India. It created a structure on how life would be lived and who would control what was going on in the society. Mesopotamia was very specific when it came to the laws. The Code of Hammurabi was very straight forward in the sense that woman controlled nothing. If the husband died the son inherited his possessions. If the son was young the wife got one-third of the land. When the boy grew up the land would become his. Many laws in the Code affected woman harshly. Sometimes the women didn’t do much of anything to deserve the consequence. For example, if a woman owned a tavern and didn’t take the right amount of corn for a drink, she was thrown into the water. Men of Mesopotamia were also very cautious about the women they married or “spent their time with”. You didn’t want to be with the wrong type of female whether it was for image purposes or just the type of marriage you were involving yourself with. Elite men rewarded each other with gifts of gold, horses, slaves etc. Although patriarchy was the way of life they did view their god as a woman whom they valued very much. Ancient China was also believers in the concept of “men are free to roam outside, but the woman must stay inside.” Men were nobles, high ministers, emperors etc. They stood as authority as women stood beside them. Philosophers concluded that if you were superior no one would oppose you. Men were very cocky with their superiority. “But it is the accord of brothers that makes the harmony and happiness lasting”, just before this line the poem says that a loving family is great but then as you read it states that men make it better. Many of the Buddhist statues at Sanchi show great details of men sitting on these beautiful, massive elephants while the women stand off to side...
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