Problems That Families Face in Canada

Topics: Family, Sociology, Domestic violence Pages: 6 (2004 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Problems that Families face in Canada


A Family is a group of people who resides in a household, which consists of several different types of families. Most problems such as divorce, abuse, alcohol or drug related problems and child abuse usually are the main dilemmas faced by Canadian families. If these problems keeps reoccurring to families in Canada the question we will have to ask ourselves will families keep on rapidly decreasing because of these present problems faced by Canadian families? In my opinion that’s why I wanted to embrace this topic because if these problems continue in the society we actually see a great change in the family structure in Canada. Also I want to touch on how child related such as adoption, teenage pregnancy and other problems are major issue of why there is a negative in change in the family structure. Usually in cases like these in terms of family problems I would not go off my own assumption I would also obtain perspectives from the Functionalist, Conflict. Feminist and Interactionists

Types of Families

We realize that a family is relationship in where live together with a commitment to form an economic unit consider the group of critical to their identity and other reasons. Certain types of families would be

A social network of people based on common ancestry, marriage or adoption is the basis of family structure. (Kendall, Nygaard and Thompson 2011) The extended Family
A unit compasses of relatives in addition to parents and children all of who live in the same household. (Kendall, Nygaard and Thompson 2011) The nuclear Family
Then we see after the years when industrialization was that nuclear family was created This is basically a unit is composed of one or two parents and his/ her / their dependent who live apart from the relative. (Kendall, Nygaard and Thompson 2011)

Single parent family
A family that only has one parent running the household. Most of them in Canada being the female running the household and becoming the breadwinner. (Kendall, Nygaard and Thompson 2011)

Perspective on the changing family

In each social problem we realized that couldn’t lean to our understanding of why certain problems are happening in the society we must definitely include the opinion from the sociological aspects from the Interactionist, Feminist, Conflict and Functionalist. Basically from the Interactionist point of view is that communication is an important part of understanding family roles which each member play in the household. (Kendall, Nygaard and Thompson 2011) They basically analyzed how each member of the family act out their roles and react to the parts played by others so we see that the family tend to develop through interactions between each other. (Kendall, Nygaard and Thompson 2011) What the interactionists are saying that most problems in the families are cause by women becoming more individualized and society emphasizing romantic love, which is mainly as unrealistic expectations. (Kendall, Nygaard and Thompson 2011) From the feminist theory they believed that males are more dominant than female way before capitalism and ownership of properties became an economic system. (Kendall, Nygaard and Thompson 2011) In more studies of the feminist they said that men labeled themselves as the “ bread winners” because they are the superiors and woman were the inferior ones. (Kendall, Nygaard and Thompson 2011) Also because of this inequality this lead to spousal abuse in terms the rates of spousal homicide has decreased but as of course female deaths higher are than males concerning this fact. (Kendall, Nygaard and Thompson 2011) Also the conflict theorists think the same as the feminist what they think is that families are basically sources of social inequality and conflict over values and access to resources. (Kendall, Nygaard and Thompson...
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