Hypothetical Paper

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  • Published: May 20, 2012
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Hypothetical Paper

Hypothetical Working Agreement Paper
KristinaMarie Fry
University of Phoenix

Hypothetical Working Agreement PaperResource
Section 1: Client Information
Scenario: Freydia is a 27-year-old mother having been on crack cocaine for four years. Her offspring, ages seven and nine, have been taken away from her care by Child Protective Services and are presently residing with her mother. Freydia seeks admission to the drug program saying: "I would like my children to live with me again." Client Name: ______________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________ Street_________________________________City______________State____Zip____ Social Security Number_____________________________ Date of Birth_________ County________________________________________________________________ Home Phone: ____________________________

Cell Phone: ______________________
Gender: [ ] Male [ ] Female
Marital Status: _______________
Race: [ ] African American [ ] Anglo American [ ] Native American [ ] Hispanic [ ] Asian [ ] Other

Section 2: Partializing Goals
Prioritizing pertains to working on matters that are more important rather than those tasks which are irrelevant and are not an immediate necessity. In order to prioritize effectively, the person has to distinguish what their priorities are, along with identifying the difference between critical and important. In Freydia’s situation, her priority of importance is that she needs to obtain the counseling and help that is required by means of clear, direct and realizable goals. Goals that are obtainable are a must. Do not make goals that are unrealistic to reach and it may frighten her, which would make it even harder. It is preferred for Freydia to be able to notice that she is improving and changing and to be able to appreciate that improvement. Prioritizing...
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