Personal Reflection

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Personal Reflections
From this course on human development, I have understood a great amount of information that will help me in my future. I have thoughts about my life’s desires and needs from society from Erikson’s stages of life. My future holds many challenges for me and the material I learned will help influence the choices I make and hopefully will lead me to a successful path in life. From the material I have learned that will help me professionally, I still have time to expand my knowledge on what it means to be employed. I accept the severity of what my career will hold for me. When it comes to my family and social life, I am still experimenting because I am still young and realizing that there is more in the world. For when I grow up, I have learned ways to raise my children properly while still being able to maintain a stable career.

Right now I currently work as an assistant manager at Old Navy. In the future, I do not wish to pursue in moving up in this company, but since I am still young, that will benefit me because I still have time for more opportunities that will help expand my knowledge of the diverse career choices. The Age-Differentiated explains the life structure in which roles of learning, working, and leisure are based on age. Because I am young, I am limited to jobs due to my lack of experience. Job industries that are popular to my age group are retail and food service. I have experience in both industries. From both industries, I have learned the importance of customer service and respecting authority figures. In my experience in retail, I gained techniques in promoting products which helps me for my future career because I am a marketing major. From the food industry, I learned the importance of sanitization and how to handle food properly. Right now, I am currently learning the theories described by Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Reasoning of preconventional mortality that states the first global level in which moral...