My Past, Present, and Future

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My Past, Present, and Future


PSY 202

Chad Noble

May 9, 2010

In this essay I will be writing about the past, present and future of my life. I will be

reflecting on many different aspects of my life good and bad. This paper will show how I have

coped with different situations and how they have affected my life. It will also tell you how these

different situations have changed me as a person and how I wish for my future to be.

My Past, Present, and Future Outline

I. Where are you from?

     a. Small town life

     b. Making our own fun

c. Pros and Cons of living in a small town

II. What things do you remember about your childhood?

a. Parents’ bad relationship

b. Hardships with jobs

c. My mother’s illness

d. Good times with friends and family

e. Working

III. What did you do after you left school?

     a. Living in Minnesota

     b. Tough times

     c. Joining the Air Force

d. College

IV. What would make you happy in the future?

     a. Civilian and military job

b. College

c. Family

My Past, Present, and Future
In this paper I will be discussing the different aspects of my life. These different aspects have all played an important role in making me who I am today. This will consist of my childhood, present life, and future goals. I will be comparing these things with some of the adult development theories that I have learned about in this class. I have had a lot of different experiences in my life and these experiences have taken place in many different locations and changed me along the way.

A large part of the experiences in my life took place in my hometown. I am originally from Onawa, a small rural town in western Iowa. The population is about 2000 people. This is the type of town where everybody knows everybody. I had and still have a lot of close friends back at home, and we had to be creative in finding things to do when we were younger. We mostly did a lot of things outdoors such as: mudding, fishing, hunting, camping, road trips, bonfires, and playing different sports. This upbringing affected my life greatly for better or for worse.

I think that growing up in a small town had a lot of advantages and disadvantages in my life. I became very close to a lot of people, and wasn’t really exposed to large groups. “Children who grow up in safe neighborhoods have a more trusting attitude than those who grow up in unsafe places, regardless of their parents’ income”. (Witt & Mossler, 2010). Everyone was friendly, for the most part, and there wasn’t a lot of violence or criminal activity. It made me really enjoy the simple things in life, such as: true freedom, fresh air, wildlife, and the relaxation of admiring the scenery. Some of the bad things about growing up in a small town were that we had to travel in order to buy certain things, there weren’t very many people, I wasn’t exposed to many different cultures, and it was hard to find jobs, which made it so we didn’t have a lot of money.

My childhood consisted of a lot of ups and downs, and a lot of times it seemed like the bad times would outweigh the good times. “Freud theorized that our early childhood experiences and memories play a central role in personality development and its inherent problems”. (Witt & Mossler, 2010). I believe that the following has a lot to do with why I act the way I do. When I was a child my parents never really seemed to get along; but they stayed together for most of my childhood before they ended up divorcing. They fought a lot and were very violent towards each other. I believe their addiction to alcohol had a lot to do with this. It seemed as if one of them were always getting taken to jail for some type of domestic violence. The outcome of all of these things resulted in them both going through treatment several times, and causing me to have a lot of stress and anxiety. It seemed like they would...
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