Self Reflection

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Self Reflection

The task that was given to us at the start of the semester was to make a group consisting of 3-4 people and collaboratively work with one another to achieve the goal of a 15-minute speech. The topic that was presented to my group, which consisted of myself, Josh Chua, Jack Winton and Greg Scopes was that of Marketing Mix Strategy. Through the week’s leading up to the speech, the group formulated ideas and attempted to find ways to keep the audience interested while trying to express key points of information on our topic. Although we felt prepared before the speech as a group we were nervous because we knew there were many things that we hadn’t touched on. Within this reflection I will touch on positive aspects of our speech such as parts that we excelled in and I will cover parts that negatively affected our speech such as things that we failed to produce. Positives

Through reading the feedback it has been highlighted the parts of the speech where we have excelled and the parts of the speech were we have lacked to produce quality. It is clear from the feedback that we have successfully organized the presentation in a way, which was easy to follow for the audience, we evenly balanced the workload of the speech and we provided good examples to our topic of Product, Price, Distribution and Promotion through sufficient theory. Successfully organizing the presentation and information was a major goal for our group, as getting this right means that audience will easily be able to grasp the concept of our overall speech. We conducted a survey and it paid of with primary information and data. Evenly balancing the workflow in the presentation of the speech is an obvious positive as changing the speaker keeps the audience interested. Providing examples to back up our points was another obvious positive as this helped the audience understand the concept of our speech. Negatives

After reviewing the feedback it is clear that the group had a lack of...
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