Reading and Comprehension

Topics: Reading comprehension, Reading, Writing Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Resource: Ch. 7 of Keys to College Studying
Read "8 Secrets to a Knockout Business Presentation" using the SQ3R method. Answer the following questions to assess how well you followed the SQ3R method, and whether it helped. Note: Your grade for the assignment will depend on the quality and honesty of your responses and not on how successful you felt you were.  What was the main point of the written piece?

 What did each section deal with?
 What questions did you ask yourself as you were reading?  How can you change your note taking skills for the future?  What would you do to retain this information for later use?  How might the SQ3R method help you improve your reading comprehension and retention skills?

Week 7: Reading and Comprehension Project

1. The main point of this written piece was to tell the reader what the eight most successful secrets were to delivering a knockout presentation in your business affairs. A lot of people at companies just make boring PowerPoint slides and it has so much irrelevant information that the point of the meeting is masked by a weak presentation. This article shows what to do and how to make a great presentation. 2. Each section of this paper dealt with a new and exciting way to capture the attention of a viewer of your business slides. The writer states to “dig deep” by adding new information and giving more to the viewer. “Avoid Info overload” shows that too much information can be detrimental to a project, people can bored and wander off. In the section “Practice Delivery”, it talks about how to memorized your speech and practice what you are saying. This will avoid mistakes, mishaps and fumbling with words. Also, the writer says to “forget comedy”, by leaving the humor out the project is more professional and shows that you are serious. By “pick powerful props” shows your audience that memorable ideas and notions can be obtained by using props, so the audience can...
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