The Exceptional Presenter

Topics: Audience theory, Audience, Presenter Pages: 4 (1247 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Summary of The Exceptional Presenter
With various stories, examples, bullet points, exercises, performance tracking, note pages and practice charts, the author, Timothy J. Koegel, provides the guidelines and suggestions for us to present ourselves and our ideas at an exceptional level, to any audience, in any venue. Different kinds of skills, techniques and strategies are illustrated in the book and readers are encouraged to practice to be an excellent presenter and never accept average. In chapter one, through the example of American Elections, the author first makes a statement that the majority of people can become an exceptional presenter as long as they have a desire to improve, a formula to guide their progress and a willingness to develop the necessary skills. An exceptional presenter is organized, passionate, engaging and natural. To become an exceptional presenter, we need to understand our audience and practice on daily basis. In chapter two, the author mainly discusses the importance of processing good presentation skills. For example, people with good presentation skills maintain a distinct competitive advantage in winning new business and securing their jobs. Presentation skills can be broadly defined as any form of oral communication. Therefore, every time we speak in public, we are in fact making an impression. The frequency of making using presentation skills should never be underestimated. Also instead of hoping to “get through” the presentations, exceptional presenters always prepare for challenges and look forward to improve. On the contrary, the author explains the cost of having less than exceptional or poor presentation skills. For individuals, the lace of exceptional presentation skills can result in the loss of money and the slim opportunities of promotion. For business, loss of revenue due to poor presentation and communication skills can be dramatic. Therefore, it is especially necessary for us to seek feedback from audience to...
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