Personal Leadership Model

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Personal Model of Leadership
Natasha Velez
Grand Canyon University
PSC-410 Servant Leadership
August 30, 2010

Personal Leadership Model
In order to respond to society and the world it must begin with a decision to act in the true sense of the word leadership. There is no right or wrong model of leadership and to make a better world, society needs a variety of leadership models in place. In other words, leadership doesn’t have to be a formal, exalted position. It is rather as the definition states: taking actions in any setting which will bring about change by motivating others (Millard, 2008). Furthermore the group does not have to be a formal group to accomplish a common goal or shared vision. One’s essence of true leadership is embodied by a framework of values, behaviors of values, sense of purpose and impact of contributions that I as a leader can refer to as one explores different models of leadership over the course of one’s life Values

Values can be defined as a person’s standards of behavior or one’s judgment of what is important in life. Ones values are created from life’s experiences and feelings and based on one’s beliefs. What I value in my personal and work life is: integrity, respect, teams/team building and commitment. These values provide a foundation for example a mission statement if you will to my life. If I know where I’m head I cannot fail. Behaviors

Behavior describes the actions that take place due to one’s values. Because I value integrity I follow through with what is needed and expected of me. Respect is also important to me so I make it a point regardless of others behavior towards me, to treat them as the old saying goes “The way I would want to be treated.” Additionally I believe that teams and building is important for an organization to survive and putting in place team exercises promote a healthy organization. I too value commitment. I see commitment in the sense of...
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