Beliefs, Morals, and Values

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Beliefs, Morals, and Values Application Paper
[Melisa’s Introduction]
For as long as man has been around the question as to whether man is inherently good or evil has been debated. We look at the events that are happening in the world today and find ourselves asking that same question. As we study humanity, we discover that there are certain factors that lead to human development; biology, psychology and sociology. Some think that man is born evil and either continues to be evil or learns to become good. Much of this stems from the thought of ‘original sin’ which states that everyone is born a sinner because Adam, the first man had sinned. Others think that man was born neither good nor evil; a blank slate called ‘Tabula Rasa’, and thus is influenced by the family and environment around them. Yet, still, there are those who believe that man is inherently good and learns to do evil. Although there are some people that do things that society considers evil, man is inherently good. Look at a two year old child throwing a temper tantrum, which most of the world considers bad. Was that child born ‘evil’ or was the child born ‘good’ and the tantrum became a learned trait? [Olivia’s Defintion]

A belief is something that we as individuals hold to be true. There are different types of beliefs, such as spiritual and cultural. These types of beliefs can arise from tradition or experience. People usually develop expectations of life events through their beliefs, and attach personal meanings and values to them. A moral is a message or a lesson that we have learned – whether through our own experiences or that of another. Morals mold our decision-making process as we gain more and more from our experiences. A value is a measure by which we base our integrity. As individuals our values are our judgments on what is important in life. There are different types of values, such as ethical, moral, social, cultural and aesthetic values. Beliefs, Morals and Values are the factors that give us our overall judgment on what is important to us in life. We use beliefs, morals and values to solve problems for our survival. These three components are what lay the foundation for tradition for the years that have passed and those yet to come. [Melisa’s Definition]

A belief is an assurance, trust, or certainty that something or someone is true. This could be someone’s religion, their views or ideas about themselves as well as their thoughts on those around them. A moral is the rule of judgment we have between right and wrong. Someone with a high moral standard would be compelled to have courage and integrity, be honorable, and dedicated. A value is something we possess that is not materialistic such as patience, kindness, honesty, and dedication to something or someone such as a parent or sibling. All three, belief, value, and morals, are the very codes by which we live. [Kevin’s Definition]

A definition of a belief is that it is an idea that an individual holds to be true. This could include a person’s religious beliefs, or personal beliefs about themselves, other people, society, or the world. A definition of a moral is that it is an individual’s sense of right and wrong, or ethics. Individuals’ morals often serve as a guide for their behavior in that they typically avoid engaging in behaviors that violate their morals, such as stealing, hurting someone, or committing a crime. A definition of a value is that it is an idea that a person considers to be important. Values could include a commitment to one’s family, religious faith, community, education, career, or anything of personal significance. [Tony’s Definition]

Tony Wolfram defines morality from a humanistic viewpoint, giving more weight to human concerns than theoretical philosophies defining an overarching view of ethics. His assessment of people’s beliefs and values comes from an understanding of their biological and psychological nature. He also gives less credence...
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