Personal Ethic Statement

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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* I choose to model my personal ethics in every aspect of my life, whether in my workplace, at school, or in my home. In the workplace, you will need to watch your tone and attitude and be punctual. At school, you need to make sure you have diligence and work as a team. At home, you should model your behavior and teach stewardship to your children. All of these will become my personal ethic statement. * I choose to model my personal ethics in my workplace because I have learned to be respectful. You should always be cautious about your tone and your attitude towards your coworkers. Also, it is important to show integrity. You can show integrity by being punctual. Always be early for work because if you are always late, it can show that you do not care about your job. Also, you should not take any shortcuts. I know it is easier to find some loop holes because you get the job done faster, but you should also care about getting the job done correctly. * I also choose to model my personal ethics in my school. It is important to me to have diligence. I want to be disciplined enough to get the work fully completed and turned in on time. It is also important to have concentration. If you are not totally focusing on your school work, you work will show that. Next, it is important to learn the concept of team work. You should always do your share of the work. Do not expect your team to do the work for you and you still earn the credit. Also, be mindful of diversity. Your team could have different perspectives and culture. Have an open ear towards what they say and be respectful. * Lastly, I choose to model my personal ethics in my own home. I want to teach my children love, mercy and grace by establishing family values. I also want to model good behavior so that they will grow up with the same attitude towards other people. I also want to teach the concept of stewardship. It is important for my family to learn how to manage their finances and learn the...
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