Personal Ethics: How Others Perceive You, Rules of Academic Integrity, and the Student Code of Conduct

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  • Published : October 7, 2012
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Upon becoming a student at University of Phoenix I learned quite a few things that I never knew about such as personal ethics. I’ve learned that personal ethics is how others perceive you such as classmate and co-workers. It also means who you are trying to be and as a student it’s also about follow the rules of academic integrity and student code of conduct. You should use good personal ethics in environments such as the work place and at school. I however consider myself a responsible and mature person to be my age. I am very strong willed and determined to get the job done at all cost no matter how many obstacles may get in my way. I also try to help others as well. I like helping others if they are willing to accept my help. Just by my personal ethics from my classmates, family, and co-workers perspective they probably would say I am a good all-around person as well as a good role model to help others with their personal ethics and goals. My personal preferred ethical lens fits me very well and I couldn’t agree more. My ethical lens states that I use my rationality to determine my autonomy as well as universal rules and systems that will ensure justice and fairness for everyone. I listen to my sensibility to determine the good for each of my autonomy as well serving my community. I really agree with this because I do like to fulfill all my duties and try to help people who need my help in my community. I believe in all expects we should work together to help our community. My ethical lens also stated that I make ethical choices for myself and others. With that being said I strongly believe you cannot judge others on why they do what they do or why they act the way they do. You can only assist them to seek their personal ethics. You cannot be so selfish and not help others around you especially if you are working in a group. However I see all the benefits of each lens such as self-knowledge, free will, justice and compassion. I learned that when you are...
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