Personal Ethical Lens Feedback

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My Personal Ethical Lens Feedback
The weaknesses and strengths of the way people think can work in so many ways. Your weaknesses can strengthen over time and your strengths can become even stronger. How you balance both can be tremendous factors in your everyday life. You can use them at work, home, or any activity that you feel that can relate to the way you think. Personal Ethics

Personal ethics means showing the way you think and how you have developed certain skills. Your personal skills are the way that you think and go about handling things in your school and career life to learn how to balance and apply them to everyday tasks. My strengths and weaknesses of ethical thinking process can be key factors that I use in my everyday life. My Ethical Lens

As I received the results of my personal lens, it described my thinking and the way I process things to a perfect T. As I read the Periscope or Paralysis, I saw things that I could use most definitely in the work force and everyday life. It taught me how to quickly become adapted to things in this world and to make the best of it. I learned that I use reasoning skills, which ties in to me wanting everything to be equal and fair. I do not like animosity and confusion. Therefore, this explains me, so far, very well. Strengths and Weaknesses

My strengths all tie together well. Speaking on equality, I feel that no one should be left or shut out of the equation. Bringing that to the work place would mean everybody having an equal part in handling a task and not just one person doing it all. When doing a group project at school you do not want just one person doing the whole project. You would want the whole group to have equal work and cooperation with each other in doing this. Having these skills, shows that you can work together and can get along with people. “Protecting individual rights and the well-being of the community work together and check excesses in order to achieve the best outcome.” (Personal...
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