Performance Appraisal and Stress in the Work Place

Topics: Occupational health psychology, Motivation, Occupational safety and health Pages: 4 (1363 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Johnson & Wales University – Industrial Organizational Behavior – CE Monday Spring 2013 Term| The Applied Discipline of Organizational Behavior and Application of Knowledge and Skills
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Edna M. Collette

The field of industrial organizational psychology has experienced significant and continual growth in the United States and throughout the world. Organizational behavior is the science of people at work which includes many disciplines of psychology including cognitive and social psychology. The study deals with the application of psychological principles of the work organization and work setting in a very large and diverse field. The science includes an appreciation and understanding of working realities as well as of science and of oneself (Nelson & Quick 15). It affects management, employees, customers and processes in the workplace; changes have occurred over the years in this field which has touched upon many psychosocial aspects in the workplace. Ethical dilemmas are faced in modern organizations and people need ethical theories to guide them through complex and confusing moral choices relating to the workplace. Some of the areas involved in these widespread perspectives include stress and well-being at work; motivation at work; jobs and organizational design of work; organizational culture; and performance appraisal, to name just a few. The current perspectives reviewed in the Johnson & Wales University course entitled Industrial Organizational Psychology will greatly assist me in my present position as Student Academic Services Associate at JWU, as well as with my future career aspirations in the helping professions field. There are many tips for reducing and managing workplace and job stress, as well as ways for motivating people at work to coincide with today’s organizational cultures and the job designs of the 21st century workforce and beyond. Stress and well-being at work is an...
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