Conflict Resolution at General Hospital

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  • Published : November 23, 2010
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. Discuss the conflict that is occurring at General Hospital. In my opinion the conflict that is occurring in the General Hospital is the physicians are interested in obtaining personal benefits from representatives of pharmaceutical companies that distributes to the hospital. In most organization this is considered a conflict of interest. The physicians focus is not on their patients but on obtaining personal benefits. The Hospital pays each physician and clinician that is employed a very high salary and the pharmaceutical companies are aware that the physicians are interested in favors if they use products at the hospital. This problem has caused representatives of the pharmaceutical companies to easily get their products in the General Hospital which can sometimes be a difficult task for many pharmaceutical companies. Since the physicians have started this practice it has become a serious problem for the hospital. The ways to control the cost incurred in availing the desirable pharmaceutical resources in the Hospital are also facing some difficulties. Some pharmaceutical companies increased the prices of their products in order to provide some share to the physicians that support their company. Some professionals at the General Hospital have positive thoughts of the decision and others are and this has cause a conflict at General Hospital. 2. Discuss the conflict management styles that are evident in the case. The conflicts of interest at the Hospital is related to all business practices in the Hospital for example (1) the pharmaceutical companies are handled by the organization in an efficient way. The decisions that are being made are not in accordance with the primary interest but the secondary as well and I think it should be reversed with the primary and not with the secondary. The Hospital can implement duties on many business projects with the people such as pharmaceutical consultants. They should remember to remember the importance of...
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