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CIPD Professional Development Scheme Assignment Document

Consolidated Assignment Document
CIPD ConsAss v3.2 9/09


Introduction 5 Section 1 General Guidance 7
CIPD Assignment Guidance for Students General Guidance from your Tutors What Assignments must Demonstrate Suggested Approach for Putting an Assignment Together Generic Report Layout Marking Scheme Assignment Grading 7 10 13 14 15 16 21

Section 2 Assignments 29
Introduction 29

Leadership and Management Assignments 31
General Notes Managing for Results Assignments Managing in a Strategic Business Context Assignments Managing Information for Competitive Advantage Assignments Managing and Leading People Assignments 31 31 34 38 42

People Management and Development Assignments 45
General Brief 45

Consolidated Assignment Document


Generalist Electives Assignments 47
People Resourcing Assignments Employee Relations Assignments Employee Reward Assignments 48 53 57

Learning and Development Electives Assignments 63
Managing Organisational Learning and Knowledge (MOLK) Assignments Learning and Development (L&D) Assignments Managing the Training & Development Function (MTDF) Assignments Management Development (MD) Assignments L&D Electives Additional Assignment 63 67 72 76 78

Employment Law Elective Assignment 81

Consolidated Assignment Document
CIPD ConsAss v3.2 9/09


The CIPD assessment strategy for the Professional Development Scheme (PDS) consists of a mix of assignments, workshops, continuing professional development (CPD) and examinations for each subject. This qualification is at postgraduate (Masters) level, and is aimed at producing ‘thinking performers’, as defined by the CIPD The thinking performer typically plays an active role at any level in the business and has a sustained capacity for efficiency in performance. He or she is always ready to challenge current procedures to achieve continuous improvement and maintain a clear understanding of, and commitment to, strategy and purpose while taking a consistently ethical approach. CIPD ‘On Course’ Spring 2002

This document contains details on how to produce ‘thinking performer’ assignments and gives ■

guidance on assignment completion from the CIPD and MOL tutors a suggested report format marking criteria and the marking schedule used explanatory notes on what is expected and how fail, pass, merit and distinction level assignments generally differ detailed briefs for all assignment options across all subject areas

The numbers of assignments you are required to complete against each field are as follows Leadership and Management (4) People Management and Development (2) Electives – Generalist (4) – Specialist Learning and Development (4) – Specialist Employment Law (1) For the elective modules, there is always a choice of topic for each assignment you have to complete. You complete only the assignments belonging to the subjects you are studying. Assignments are assessed at ‘Masters’ level, and detailed information will be given on how to achieve this level in the Assignment Grading section later in this workbook. You must achieve the required standard in both the assignment and examination elements for each subject, plus attend all workshops, where your tutors will give you guidance and feedback. Please read the information in this document carefully as it will help you to produce the standard of assignment required. Consolidated Assignment Document


Consolidated Assignment Document
CIPD ConsAss v3.2 9/09


Section 1 General Guidance
CIPD Assignment Guidance for Students
A Guide to Writing Successful CIPD Assignments
Throughout the PDS, you are required to submit a number of assignments. These assignments provide an opportunity for you to receive feedback during your studies as to the extent to which your knowledge and understanding are developing. They are also part of the national...
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