Strategic Mgmt

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| Bachelor of Business (Incorporating Graduate Diploma in Business & Graduate Certificate in Business)Strategic Management467943Semester One 2013|

Item| Description| Page|
1| Welcome to Paper Overview Paper Level & PointsHours TaughtDelivery ModeIndependent Study| 3| 2| Teaching Team & Contact Details| 3|
3| Paper Information 3.1 Pre-requisite Requirements 3.2 Paper Aim3.3 Learning Outcomes 3.4 Content| 34| 4| AUTonline Programme Organisation| 4|
5| TextsRequired TextsRecommended Texts| 4|
6| Weekly Programme| 4|
7| Assessment InformationBusiness Assessment & Study HandbookExtensions and other Special Consideration Applications (SCAs) Assessment StructureExam Timetable Location Pass RequirementsAssessment DetailsPeer Assessment FormMarking guides| 55556777-111213-15|

1 Welcome to Strategic Management of the Bachelor of Business, Graduate Diploma in Business, Graduate Certificate in Business and BBus Conjoint Programmes.

You are expected to read the contents of this study guide, also available on AUTonline under “All My Courses”.

This paper runs for 14 weeks (12 in class and 2 reading/exam weeks), and has one 1.5 hour lecture per week and one 1.5 hour workshop. Students will be required to supplement each hour of class with 3-4 hours of their own work. This is a level 7 paper, worth 15 points.

2Teaching Team and Contact Details

Teaching Team| Phone| E-mail Address| Office Hours| Dr Simon Mowatt*| Ext 5424|| TBA on AUTOnline| Dr Simon Martin| Ext 5087|| TBA on AUTOnline| Paper Co-ordinator*

3 Paper Information

3.1Prerequisite requirements
Students must have taken any TWO of the following papers before they can take this paper: 466641, 466642, 466645, 466646, 466648, 466649, 466650, 466651.

3.2Paper Aim
An advanced paper that focuses on strategic thinking and the analysis of organisational and environmental situations in order to evolve and implement strategic plans. Topics include the strategic management process, development of mission, objectives, and strategy options, organisation/industry analysis, competitive advantage and strategic implementation. |

3.3Learning Outcomes
By the end of this paper the student will be able to:
1. Define the business in terms of its vision, values, mission and policies. 2. Assess the strategic situation facing the organisation through the application and understanding of the appropriate analytical tools. 3. Extrapolate various options which have arisen from the analysis and evaluate their suitability. 4. Select the most appropriate strategy while recognising the organisational dynamics which would be required. 5. Implement the strategies through leadership styles, organisational structures, systems, culture and actions. 6. Compile measurement devices to monitor the effectiveness of the strategy in meeting the original goals and objectives.


Outline of the main content to be covered in the paper.
* The strategic management process
* Mission, objectives and values
* Organisation/industry/environmental analysis
* Competitive advantage, strategies
* Strategy implementation and control
* Strategic leadership, learning, organisation and culture

4AUTonline Organisation

Details of all papers, major requirements, full paper descriptors, exam schedules (mid semester and final), assessment forms, semester timetables and all other information relevant to current students can be found on AUTonline under ‘My Organisations’.


Required text

Dallas Hanson, Michael A Hitt, R. Duane Ireland, and Robert E. Hoskisson, (2011) Strategic Management: Competitiveness and...
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