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Strategic Management

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  • October 2, 2012
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1Introduction to Strategy
Assess how firms create value and how they go about building and sustaining competitive advantage in different markets. Competencies:
Quantitative Literacy
Critical ThinkingWeek 1 October 3 – October 9, 2012
Required Reading
Collis, D.J., & Montgomery, C.A. (1995, July/August). Competing on resources: Strategy in the 1990s. Harvard Business Review, 73 (4). (Custom Textbook (2012), Managing Strategy in the Global Marketplace. Chapter 21.) •Porter, M.E. (1996). What is Strategy? Harvard Business Review, 74 (6). In HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Strategy. (Custom Textbook (2012), Managing Strategy in the Global Marketplace. Chapter 21.) •Stegmann, J (2009) Critical Thinking in Strategic Management: A Conceptual Guide to AMBA 670 Managing Strategy in the Global Marketplace (in Course Content) (Skim and then continue to use as a reference throughout the course) •Custom Textbook (2012), Managing Strategy in the Global Marketplace. Introduction and Chapters 1-3. Multimedia

Harvard FSS: Where Do Great Strategies Come From?
YouTube - What is Strategy?
YouTube - Resource Based View of the Firm by Jay Barney •YouTube - Barney - Resources and Competitive Advantage
MBA Reference Guides
Ten Schools of Thought About Strategy and Planning
Industry Life Cycle
Porter's Five Forces
Porter's Generic Strategies
Based upon your readings for the week, discuss the following issues:

Conference Discussion Topics Assignment (You are required to respond to both)

Discussion Topic 1: Industry Perspective:
From the Morningstar Database of Industry Sector Performance, Industry Returns , we have extracted financial performance information at the industry level, which is posted in the Industry Perspective Conference Area. Discuss your views on the following questions. Use and refer to the assigned readings to support your views. 1.What...