People in Power

Topics: Leadership, Management, Fiedler contingency model Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: April 7, 2012
Issue 1 (time 40 min):
Claim: In any field—business, politics, education, government—those in power should step down after five years. Reason: The surest path to success for any enterprise is revitalization through new leadership.

For Enterprise to move forward is only the objective. Virtually it all depends only on its Leaders and their Leadership. So, different Leader would have different issues on their mind and different ways to tackle them. Good leader would certainly do good for Enterprise and Enhance its future but, person experienced in certain fields could be worth preserving. Firstly, the assumption of steping down and givng new leadership a chance is an Experiment with various results. For instance, a Country where new leader are elected every five years. For first five year the leader in power would do substantial work in defence area of a country, he would sign new treaties, make new arms deals to safeguard the countries border , make new recruitments for military purpose, but this is not enough, a country needs improvements which is pervasive in various fields so it would certainly need revitalization of new leadership. some political leaders may have issues like corruption, poverty on their preference list. Some would have foreign relations or education on their mind. Additionally, Business company would not want to loose a new leader who can really pull up companies future. For instance, the famous Steve jobs founder for “Apple” who gifted us mobiles, Pda`s, Laptops and who took Apple to a new heights worked for apple for nearly three decades. Likewise if a teacher is blessed pedagogue and very persuasive , makes an subject instresting, college would certainly want to keep him for longer time than others. Also, a good leaders showing their calmness and abilities in situations ,as leader should definitely benefit the enterprise, for example, “Iker Cassias” Captain of Real Madrid football club has been leading them for about five years now and...
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