Asda Leadership and Management

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Leadership & Management
The difference between leadership and management has been a topic long discussed and debated. When comparing both terms it can be difficult to differentiate between the two as they posses very similar qualities which are closely linked, however there are some striking differences which make them more easily distinguished from one another. When applied to an individual these terms could be explained as follows. A manager will motivate through authority and control, they are appointed to a position of power which permits them to instruct. Individuals within their span of control are obligated to accept their directions. A short-term view would be taken towards achieving goals and objectives. They would be somewhat inflexible and methodical in terms of practice, maintaining order, organisation and planning would be high on their list of priorities. A leader will have the ability to inspire. Employees will follow them because they have confidence in what they say and how they engage themselves, gaining the respect of their peers rather than being in a position that demands it. A long-term perspective would be held as well as being innovative in their way of thinking, not accepting the general consensus. They would be constantly trying to develop their ideas and that of those around them, focused on nurturing the skills of their team. Depending on the type of business the impact on employee engagement and motivation can vary. Employees themselves may respond better to being delegated tasks, especially in crisis situations or oppositely other employees may be more productive being left to their own initiative. However, a balance should be maintained in order to ensure productivity, if a manager is too strict this could lower morale and reduce work output, if too easy-going morale would be higher but employees may take advantage of the situation again reducing output. There have been a number of theories developed to try and understand as...
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