Core Leadership Principles

Topics: Skill, Leadership, Learning Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Core leadership principles:

• Be always sure about what you are doing

• Have a good vision

• Never stop learning

• Motivate and inspire others

• Learn to cope with people

• Build trust and confidence

Be always sure about what are you doing – if I am doing something or making important decisions then I always need to have confidence that I am doing right because if I will not know how to reach my goals and fail afterwards then only one who I can blame will be I.

For being successful leader you must have a good inspiring vision of the future which provides direction and hope for better day. You must see how your idea can develop in future. And you need to convince others that this will work.

One of the main things is that you never stop learning and developing. World is changing from day to day and you need to adapt to it and if you will think that you know enough and don`t need to learn anymore then as a leader you have died.

Motivate and inspire others is one of the main things that shows how good lieder you are. There can be a lot of ways how to make your employees/ followers do their job or exercises as good as they can. And with that together goes that you need to inspire others, show your vision and the way how to reach the goals and you need to make them believe that all together the goals is reachable.

Learning to cope with others is really necessary if you need to work in groups because you need to stand out in group and show others that you will take leading role in groups but in the same time you need to hear thoughts from others and try to prove them that everyone is necessary in work and that all need to do as much as possible.

Building trust and confidence among others is one of the core principles because this is vital not only for employees but for company stakeholders too. Only with your successful activities and with good cooperation with others you can build trust in others and that...
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