People Do Many Different Things to Stay Healthy. What Do You Do for Good Health? Use Specific Reasons and Examples to Support Your Answer.

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Food Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: January 6, 2013
People do many different things to stay healthy. What do you do for good health? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Topic: What I do to keep myself healthy?
I.aside from prolonging one’s life time will also improve the quality of his/her life II.adequate sleep
A.I can’t concentrate well on study when I haven’t had restful sleep B.Many studies the importance of adequate sleep well
A.taking adequate amount of every food group
B.avoid taking fast food
IV.regular exercise
A.helps reduce the blood sugar and cholesterol
B.prevents diabetes and heart disease
V.In conclusion, taking adequate sleep during the night, taking nourishing foods and doing regular as well as daily exercise are notable, there are many studies that confirm these factors as the main causes by which one’s health would be improved.

There are many individuals who quit smoking or drinking because they care about their health and find these habits harmful to it. Being healthier, aside from prolonging one’s life will also improve the quality of his/her life, in other words, a healthy human being lives a happier life compared to one who is suffering from a disease. To find the major factors that affect people’s health, many studies have been conducted by health research groups in the past decades, each of which has studied the effect of a certain factor on human’s health. Despite the differences between their findings, they all describe several factors as the main contributing factors to one’s health; having adequate sleep, having a nourishing food regimen and doing regular exercise are of the most important factors that can improve one’s health. First of all, I usually take adequate sleep during the night, partially because if can’t have a restful sleep during the night, the day tomorrow I can’t concentrate well on study materials, besides there are many studies that consider adequate night sleep as an important factor on health. Aside...
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