Sleep Is Correlated to Grades

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Sleep is directly correlated to the grades students receive on exams

I investigate students attaining higher grades on exams when they receive proper sleep. I discuss 3 possible hypotheses for the reason of this occurrence: 1) more sleep contributes to greater capability in remembering, 2) rest is necessary for the brain to function at its prime, 3) staying awake and studying the night before leaves you with no energy during the actual exam. I will test hypothesis 2, which will include individuals to have 8 hours or more of sleep or less than 8 to no sleep at all and using EEG method to visualize the brains activity in relation to the amount of sleep and observing the scores received on exams. I would expect that students with at least 8 hours of sleep will receive better marks than those who get little to no sleep.

As a second year Bachelors of Science student at the University of the Fraser Valley I have observed that juggling school, work and a social life can be quite difficult. It is interesting to see that many university students who have the appropriate sleep before an exam score moderately higher than those who lack proper sleep. Most students procrastinate and end up pulling "all nighters" the night before and exam praying that they will pass, but maybe a good night sleep would do just the same as staying up all night. I have chosen this topic because this issue effects me directly as a student and is a vastly relatable subject. Acquiring proper sleep is important in more aspects than just scoring higher on exams; it affects the health of an individual and the stability of the mind. Getting the right amount of sleep is an easy change that an individual can make to their lifestyle, which will provide various benefits to them. With just the use of my notes and knowledge from other courses I have taken, I have come up with a few possible reasons to explain why students with proper sleep do better on exams. The first being that having more...
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