The Effect of Sleep Deprivation

Topics: Sleep, Sleep deprivation, Health Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: June 30, 2012
The Effect of Sleep Deprivation

What is sleep deprivation? Sleep deprivation is when a person does not get enough sleep. It mostly happens with teenagers. But there are also some adults who do not sleep enough either. It happens because of overthinking. It happens also if a person has a health problem that prevents him from getting enough sleep or cause poor quality of sleep. Each person should sleep between seven and eight hours per night. Sleeping is one of the most important human needs. It is exactly like eating, breathing, and drinking. Sleeping is a part that completes humans’ good health. People who do not have enough sleep may be affected in their relationships, in their health, and their creativity. People who get enough sleep do not have the need to nap.

First, Sleep deprivation may affect relationships badly. It may effect a person’s relationships with family or friends. It may lead a person to lose socializing with his family or friends. A person may not hang out a lot like he used to before because he is going to be tired and need to rest. If a person goes out with his friends or family he might have trouble with focusing and chatting with them. Sleep deprivation can also cause difficulties with social relationships because of irritability. Moreover, lack of sleep makes people less capable of managing stress. All of small problems of life are going to seems as big problems and cause people to overreact. So it may lead people to lose whoever around because nobody likes to be around an irritable person. Even the ability to think clearly and communicate effectively is decreasing than it used to be if he was rested and got enough sleep. A lack of sleep might destroy relationships with people around you.

Second, having a short sleep may affect one’s health. It may lead to medical and mental health problems. Medically it affects the heart and cause heart diseases. It may also cause breathing...
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