Osmosis Effect on Rbc's

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  • Published : April 18, 2011
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Effect of Osmosis on RBC’S
Objectives :
1)Find the difference between three Red Blood Cell’s samples that undergo Osmosis in : a)0.5 % Distant Water solution.
b)0.9 Nacl solution.
c)10 % Nacl solution.
2)What materials did you use.
3)Define the procedures that the three samples undergo.
4)Give a brief result for your experiment.
Materials :
Sterilized lancets ; 3 blood samples ; 3 slides ; antiseptic wipes ; bandages ; tooth picks ; 0.5 % d.w solution ; 0.9 % Nacl solution ; 10% Nacl solution ; 3 cover slides ; Light microscope ; Disinfector beaker Procedure :

First, wipe you finger with an antiseptic wipe then pierce your finger with a sterilized lancet . Next, drop three blood samples on three slides and place a bandage on your finger . Use a tooth pick to mix each solution by itself with a blood sample . After that put the tooth pick in the disinfector beaker . Finally, place a covering slide 45° at each slide and wipe the microscope stage with an antiseptic wipe . In the end , place each slide on the stage and observe under High Magnification Power ( 40x ) . Observation :

1)The d.w sample is faint .
2)The 0.9 % Nacl sample is clearly visible.
3)The 10 % Nacl sample is dark and smaller.
Result :
1) RBC’S when placed in distant water solution with a lower concentration level hypotonic the cell will swell and burst . 2)RBC’S when placed in a Nacl solution with the same concentration level isotonic the cell will remain the same no change in shape or size . 3)RBC’S when placed in Nacl solution with higher concentration level hypertonic the cell will shrink and darkens.
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