Science Exit Project

Topics: Microbiology equipment, Petri dish, Julius Richard Petri Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: May 19, 2013
For my science exit project I decided to do a project that revolves around bacteria. I was suggested to do a project where I get a petri dish containing my oral bacteria and see the effects of liquid on my oral bacteria. I was very curious about this topic and wanted to know how the bacteria grows so I gave it a shot. For my project, I was told to make an “if and then” hypothesis. My hypothesis was that “If I put orange juice on a petri dish containing my oral bacteria then the bacteria on the petri dish will multiply.” For this experiment, I gathered all the materials I needed in front of me. Water, orange juice, strawberry juice, petri dishes, pipette, sterile cotton swab, tape, and a plastic bag. After I got all the materials I needed, I started working on my experiment. First, I swabbed my mouth with the sterile cotton swab. After I obtained my oral bacteria, I opened the petri dish and started swabbing the petri dish with my oral bacteria. Then I closed it and secured it with tape. I did the same for the other two petri dishes. I searched the house for a warm dark place but due to some problems the heat wasn’t working. Having nowhere else to place the petri dishes, I placed the petri dishes in the cabinet and got my fur jacket to keep the petri dishes warm. I checked the petri dishes daily. During the first three days I saw no results whatsoever. However on the fourth day I finally saw some results. On petri dish #1 there was two tiny white dots. On petri dish #2, I saw 3 tiny dots. On petri dish #3 I saw a big white dot. Each day that I noticed new observation, I would record them on my data table. The petri dishes seemed to grow at about the same rate. However, during the first week petri dish #2 seemed to grow bacteria at a faster rate than the others. Once the week was over, I grabbed my materials again. I poured the orange juice, strawberry juice and water into separate cups. I got my pipette and transported a drop of each liquid on each petri...
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