Oscar Winner

Topics: James Bond, Roger Moore, Die Another Day Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: December 27, 2012
“And the OSCAR goes to…”
In this essay, I will evaluate about the characters of the film called Johnny English Reborn. This film is very effective and hilarious as the character makes the people happy. This is good because it also gives you feelings such as anger when Ambrose misguided English, Sad when English has been shot and funny when English do martial arts in China. There are three genres that are used in the film and they are: Mystery, Suspense and Comedy. The guns, fast cars make MI7 sound like a James Bond movie. This challenges MI7’s position of power as it shows their truthfulness and behaviour with which they try their work as hard so they can be able to act like the style of James Bond. Not only funny scenes, but also to some point it shows government actions, as the audience is encouraged to laugh at government agents in the film and pretend respected facts through the use of humour. Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) is learning martial arts in China as apology for a past terrible mission in Mozambique. His Chinese guru and guide, Ting Wang, is actually an MI7 secret agent: their managers have requested Johnny's services.

Johnny returns MI7's London headquarters (now Toshiba British Intelligence) and is given by new boss "Pegasus" (Gillian Anderson) to stop a plot to assassinate the Chinese President during planned talks with the Prime Minister. Johnny also meets with friend and agent Simon Ambrose (codenamed "Agent One") and MI7's local designer, Patch Quartermain. He is also assigned a junior agent, Tucker, to go with him.

Kate Sumner (Rosamund Pike), MI7's behavioural psychologist joins in an "off-hours" session with English, warning him to remember the last events of his failed mission in Mozambique and remember the identity of the second member of Vortex as a result, Karlenko (Mark Ivanir), a Russian agent. A golf match is arranged between Karlenko and English, whose clear tries to cause information from Karlenko cause him to order...
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