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AN INSIGHT OF IAN FLEMING’S JAMES BOND- WITH REFERENCE TO ‘FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE’. From Russia, with Love is the fifth novel in Ian Fleming's James Bond series, first published in the UK by Jonathan Cape on 8 April 1957. As with the first four books, From Russia, with Love was generally well received by the critics. The story was written at Fleming's Golden eye estate in Jamaica in early 1956. By the time the book was published, he did not know whether he wanted to write another Bond book or not. The story centers on a plot by SMERSH, the Soviet counterintelligence agency, to assassinate Bond in such a way as to discredit both him and his organisation, the Secret Service. As bait for the plot, the Russians use a beautiful cipher clerk and the Spektor, a Soviet decoding machine. Much of the action takes place in Istanbul and on the Orient Express. The novel was a critical success and was well received by the public especially in the capitalist countries as it was written during the hard times of cold war. The novel has been adapted in numerous Medias, some of which are enlisted below 1) Serialization (1957)

From Russia, with Love was serialized in the Daily Express newspaper commencing on 1 April 1957; it was the first Bond novel the paper had adapted in such a way. 2) Comic strip (1960)
In 1960 Fleming's novel was also adapted as a daily comic strip in the Daily Express and was syndicated worldwide. The adaptation ran from 3 February to 21 May 1960, and was written by Henry Gammidge and illustrated by John McLusky. The From Russia, with Love comic strip was reprinted in 2005 by Titan Books in the Dr. No anthology, which also included Diamonds Are Forever and Casino Royale. 3) From Russia with Love (1963)

The film From Russia with Love was released in 1963, produced by Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, and directed by Terence Young. It was the second James Bond film in the Eon Productions series and starred Sean Connery as Bond. The film version contained some changes to the novel, with the leading villains switching from SMERSH to SPECTRE, a fictional terrorist organisation. In the main, however, it was a faithful adaptation of the novel, Raymond Benson declaring that "Many fans consider it the best Bond film, simply because it is close to Fleming's original story". 4) Radio adaptation (2012)

The novel was dramatized for radio by Archie Scottney, directed by Martin Jarvis and produced by Rosalind Ayres; it featured a full cast starring Toby Stephens as James Bond and was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2012. It continued the series of Bond radio adaptations featuring Jarvis and Stephens following Dr. No (2008) and Goldfinger (2010).

THE POPULARITY OF JAMES BOND- IN COLD WAR ERA AND PRESENT DAY: James Bond- the gentleman spy, the suave hero and the charismatic flirt- he is who every men wants to be and every woman wants their partner to be. No wonder he was and is so popular even today. Men get lost in that fantasy by watching it. Women get lost in that fantasy by wanting someone like him - not forgetting the good story lines that go with it too (in most of the movies). The very idea of being a secret agent working for the govt. sends every men into a frenzy and the adventures of Bond gives the perfect outlet for the men to fantasize of being one of them smooth, suave secret agents. Though such immature fantasies are one of the main reasons for the popularity of the novels and movies then and now, the fact that the novels were written during the tumultuous and uncertain times of the cold war era catapulted the popularity of the charismatic agent’007’. The cold war began after the end of the Second World War, as the end of reigning superpowers- Germany and Britain- led to the rise of two new superpowers- USA and USSR. Though the two countries were aligned together in the Second World War, the end of the world war resulted in a struggle to be the next sole superpower....
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