Actor and Cinema

Topics: Actor, Film, Sociology Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: September 28, 2012
During the time when one is watching a movie, he is so engrossed with it that he forgets the real world and he becomes a part of the story. Naturally, this intimate association has a lasting impression on the mind of the viewer. It has a significant role in shaping and molding his life. The actors and actresses become the role models particularly for the younger generations. Films, it is said, provide a mirror to our lives. They reflect the hopes, aspirations, frustrations and contradictions of society.

Cinema has different meanings for different people. It is a lucrative business for the producers and financers. It is a source of good earnings for the actors and actresses. For artists and directors, it is merely a form of art. Many people take it as an audio-visual translation of literature. It is a big source of employment and revenue. For common man it is a big source of employment and revenue. It is a cheap and easier means of entertainment for the masses. Whatever cinema may mean to different people, it is undoubtedly, an art form which can entertain and educate as well.

Cinema has wider mass appeal. It has great potential to influence society. Hence certain social responsibility is attached to it. Cinema should not depict such stories which may lead to erosion of social morals and values. Cinema is said to be the reflection of society but at the same time society is influenced by cinema. Being an audio-visual medium, it is all the more powerful. It has the power to mould and shape the society. It is a form of visual education. Its utility is great in India as a big portion of its population is illiterate.

However, cinema over the years has lost its educative and social aspect. It has become only a commercial object. It has ignored its educative values. Now films are produced just to earn more and more money. The producers and financiers are merely concerned for the commercial value of the films. Driven by this desires, they pack the films with the...
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