Gung Ho

Topics: Etiquette, Japanese culture, Hand Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: October 10, 2011
Gung Ho
This paper will examine the film Gung Ho through a cultural eye. We will try to show how Michael Keaton’s character Hunt, fails to understand Japanese culture. At the same the goal will be to show the variation in the behavior displayed compared to how it should have taken place.

It is clear from the onset of the movie that Hunt has not been schooled in Japanese business etiquette and culture. From the time he arrives in Japan, he disrupts a management disciplinary session in which certain management personnel are being tested to see if they should move up in the rank, or continue to go through boot camp. Hunt shows no endearing qualities of respect or honor. In the first meeting with Assan Motors, he fails to establish a hierarchy with the Japanese, as is important in most dealings. He decides to prop himself in any available seat. It is important for people to sit in order of rank. In his presentation, he talks about himself. The Japanese like to view themselves as part of a company. When he decided to discuss himself, it shows that he is somewhat egotistical and selfish. After the meeting concludes, he is given business cards. Instead of taking them with both hands, he gingerly accepts them with one hand. It is important to accept business cards with both hands. He should have viewed the cards with attention and detail. By failing to view the business cards individually with careful examination, he made himself look bad. Also it is important to make sure that the business cards are kept in a crisp clean manner. He also failed to present his own business card to them. When a business card is handed to the Japanese, it must be handed with two hands, with the Japanese side propped up.

There were also other instances where Hunt failed to follow proper protocol. During the meeting he decides to pat one of the guys on the shoulder. The Japanese don’t like to be touched, and this totally goes against that. He asks the men whether...
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