Human Relationships in American and Czech Films

Topics: The Royal Tenenbaums, Love, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 5 (1824 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Human Relationships in American film “The Royal Tenenbaums” and Czech film “Loves of a Blonde”.

The films always can teach us and can be a good example of people’s life, in addition to their art importance. So, for instance, we can see the models of human relationships and behavior. At the course “Human relationships in American and Czech films” we have underlined the common differences between American and Czech cultures. That is why I want to compare the main characters of American film “The royal Tenenbaums” (2001) Margot Tenenbaum and Czech “Loves of a blonde” (1965) Andulka. Of course, these films were made in a different time, but just because “The royal Tenenbaums” is about the same time as “Loves of a blonde”, it is possible to compare them. There is a question, do the main characters have too different tempers and expectations from their relationships with other people because of different cultures or do they have something in common? “The Royal Tenenbaums” is about family relationships. It was the family of geniuses, because every child had a great talent, but after parent’s divorce there were many offences and misunderstandings. That is why no one of these children found his specific role in an adult life. All members of the family were self-absorbed, disappointed by their life and closed. Margot Tenenbaum is an adopted daughter. She is a talented dramatist, but after performance of her play, which was not appreciated by her father, Margot didn’t write anymore. Andulka is a girl from a small town. At the party she meets Milda, pianist from Prague. She sleeps with him and after that she decided, that it can be real relationship. That is why she came to Prague, to his parents’ apartment. But she understood that there is no place for her, and for Milda it was just sex for one night. It goes without saying, that Margot and Andulka should be compared in three ways: their relationships with family, their characters, which were in part formed by parents, and romantic relationships like a result of the first two. First, according to Fromm, relationships with parents can strongly influence to subsequent temper’s problems and problems in romantic relationships. Margot Tenenbaum was adopted, she had strong relationships with her mother, but self-centered and selfish father did not give to his child enough love. That is why Margot always felt lack of attention and not being valued by her father, Royal Tenenbaum. In this family brothers compete with each other for father’s love, but he loves “the best” son. However, Margot because of her depressive character and unsociability didn’t want to compete, but she kept her offence inside. It looks like she submitted and put up with her father, but she will never forgive him deep in her soul. Royal Tenenbaum always mentioned in society that Margot was adopted. The important scene was when after her play’s performance father said that the play was not anything bigger than “children in costumes of animals”, what really disappointed and hurt Margot. Father’s love is conditioned, specified. She didn’t have rising feeling of power and self-confidence. We can see it, for example, in the scene when Margot said to her father that she was not genius anymore. Bad relationships with him were the reason of problems with men, and, what’s more, the reason of her depression is that she was centralized in her mother. She was able to get married for man, who she even doesn’t know well, but Margot always escaped from her lovers. On the contrary, Andulka didn’t get mother’s love. According to Fromm she got “milk” (life) from mother, but she didn’t get “honey” (love of mother). Mother’s love should be unselfish and undoubted. Child is a being, that depends on his mother and needs her help. But because Andulka didn’t get enough mother’s love, she didn’t get love of life and that is why she tried to kill herself. Mother’s love is life-important, vital. Andulka was infected by anxieties of her...
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