Organizational Trends Paper

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  • Published : May 4, 2011
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Organizational Trends
MGT 307

Organizational Trends
Organizations nowadays are striving toward becoming over achievers. With the competition progressing day in and day out, companies must work on becoming the best of the best. Companies have begun implementing strategies by becoming high-performance workplaces. An organization focuses on bringing the best out of employees. In this paper the subject to discuss is the characteristics of high-performance workplaces as well as how these organizations differ from traditional organizations regarding operational effectiveness, organizational dynamics, and workplace stress. After that, the paper compiles strategies for managing stress in the workplace along with evaluating the emerging trends in organizational behavior that relates to high-performance workplaces and stress management techniques. Characteristics

There is no exact definition of a high-performance workplace because it depends on the organization’s priorities, goals, experience levels, skills, and culture. All of these are unique to any organization. Companies are finding ways to improve the job performance standards by using teams to make changes and solve problems. These teams are known as high-performance teams. High-performance teams have the perfect mix of skills, which include problem-solving, technical skills, interpersonal skills, and decision-making skills. New approached to the way items will change are by empowerment, involvement, and participation. These three words will help with the reorganization in finding ways to improve performance. The accepted characteristics of a high-performing team consist of the following: 1) Developing the same vision and values, 2) Proper use of discipline, 3) Set the tone in the first meeting, 4) Perform strong communication, 5) Effective training, 6) Trust and confidence, 7) Fun, 8) Creating a sense of urgency, 9) Finding ways to create early successes, and 10) Have members spend time together. The...
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