Leraning Team Week 3

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Learning Team Reflection Week #3

For week three, we have analyzed and discussed the topics that we struggled with, felt comfortable with, and how they may or may not relate to our careers. In summary, these are the topics that were covered:

• Determine strategies to help develop effective groups and teams • Determine strategies to resolve conflict within organizations

Strategies to help develop effective groups and teams

Being an effective leader means building effective groups and teams. The importance of understanding your team members and knowing what they are capable of is paramount when establishing an effective group or team. We have all agreed that leaving your home life at the door and keeping your personal feelings out of your work day is the only way to manage your team and be a fair and effective leader. Effective team members know their roles and understand what they are responsible for. Being clear and concise causes less confusion, and keeping the lines of communication open at all times allows for free flowing information to complete the tasks at hand. As an effective leader you should allow for a healthy amount of conflict, to check each other, and maintain a clear line of sight to the ultimate goal. Each member should understand that this is a team effort and that no one person should take credit for the project but allow everyone to share in the success and failures as they become apparent. Make every resource available to your team, and no idea should be a bad idea, allowing members to try new ideas, to think outside the box can only better the outcome in any situation.  

Strategies to resolve conflict within organizations

Emotions have to be set aside when trying to resolve conflict within the group. We have all agreed that no one persons opinion is any more or less valuable then the next. As a leader, you should be able to mediate conflicts and...
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