Organizational Paper

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Organization Paper
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Organization Paper
Many companies would not be here today if not for the way they organized themselves. Organization is a very important function in the business world. Without organization companies can't do all that they would like, because total chaos would set in ranging from top brass to the front lines. There would be no structure and nobody to hold accountable. Let's take a look at some resources that make companies successful like the McDonald's Corporation when the management function of organization is implemented. Physical Assets

The McDonald's Corporation has come a long way when you start discussing innovation. Not only are they the front runners in the fast food business, they are also one of the biggest prime real estate holders in the industry. Let's jump back into time and see what the founder of the company was thinking when he put together the company structure including the organizational aspects. Ray Kroc was a salesman who sold Florida real estate to milk shake mixing machines. He came across two brothers who had placed a large order for milk shake machines. In 1954 after observing the success that was going on with the McDonald bros hamburger shop Ray was convincing enough to the brothers that he contracted with the brothers into becoming the franchiser of their name and system. The first franchise sold for around $950 were as today you need more than $250,000 to even be considered. Under the contract the McDonald brothers would make .5% of the sales from the franchises and Ray would get 1%. By 1960 McDonald's had opened 228 stores bringing the company net worth to $16 million from $24,000 in 1958. Ray understood that there was more to making the system work, while making money from sales he also put resources into training the owners, and improving product which would lay the foundation for the company. In 1961 Ray paid the McDonald's brothers $2.7 million dollars to buy their portion of the company thus allowing Ray total control of the organization. In 1965 McDonald's went public and became McDonald's Corporation. The funny thing was that Ray had a silent partner who showed him that McDonald's could make even more money by buying the land that the physical plant sat on then charging the franchisee a fee (rent fee) on the land. This was promising to Ray and to this day is one of the basic operating functions that have made McDonald's successful. Franchisees pay today a rent and service fee of 4% to the McDonald's Corporation for use of the McDonald's logo, rent for the property, and corporate training resources. It has been said that McDonald's is one of the biggest real estate companies around owning closes to 40% of the land that the 30,000 plus store reside on. Most of the restaurants reside on prime commercial property which in the real estate market is known as "A" properties. The company has a corporate department that focuses on just that resource but ranges more than just in the United States. The McDonald's Corporation in the early 1990s became the biggest corporate land owner in Russia. As of March 2005 the McDonald's Corporation was estimated to be worth by real estate analysts and industry experts with all the 127 restaurant, plus its land storage warehouses, and distribution centers around $115 million dollars plus it had in 2004 revenues that totaled $310 million dollars. This is just one of many organizational functions of physical assets that McDonald's has in place and working to make the company strong. One of the other traits that McDonald's holds strong today would be the organizational resources based upon Knowledge. Organizational resource-Knowledge

As was mention earlier Ray Kroc decided that he was going to position all his corporate

resources to assist the franchisees in order to help the business grow, which became reality in


In the basement of a McDonald's restaurant located in Illinois, Ray Kroc...
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