Organizational Structure Paper

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Organizational Structure Paper
University of Phoenix

Organizational Structure Paper
When it comes to business as any organizations it requires a structure, based on the resources and demands organization can changed or modify their structure. The most common two structures are vertical and horizontal structure which we see every business organization in global market (Bateman & Snell, 2011). In today’s any business organization theirs and important trait is not only the structure, it is the functions within the organization. An organizing function in management highlights the practices individuals use to interact and work with each other. There are many business organizations that are very successful in their own way. When it comes to a business structure it all depends on what is the product business manufacture and what is the target market, it also depend on is this product goes local or it will be a global one. One of the great organizations that started as an idea then went local to national then bloomed to global social networking giant. That is Facebook organization.

In 2004 that time student from Harvard had an idea how it will be better for students can interact with each other besides the classroom and parties. It first start in collage then sweep the nation and named as “Facebook.” That moment he did not even thought this will be a global hit but it did, many people are joins every day in worldwide it is a social networking phenomenon. Started in 2004 Facebook is social networking sites that have very strong horizontal structure that is very appropriate for the target product. When you look in the idea of social networking you might think; it is a simple concept and does not require a structure to operate. Facebook has developed their organizational structure to become one of the most used social-networking sites in the world. This spot was previously held by MySpace before Facebook become such a hit. MySpace was a social...
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