Organizational Development Paper

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  • Published : March 12, 2011
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Organizational Development Paper
Ephraim Iivula
February 07, 2011
Jeffrey Greene
University of Phoenix


Organizational Development
Time and again organizations around the world operate in an unvigilant state of affairs, and as soon as recession or a period of economic downturn happens, these organizations collapse easily. As a result lists of organizations, small, medium, and larger overcome by the abovementioned economic state becomes endless. This phenomenon results in employee retrenchments, redundancies, and organizations opting for tough decisions such as winding up or even filing for bankruptcy. “Organizational development is a process by which organizations use the theories and technology of the behavioral sciences to facilitate changes that enhance their effectiveness” (Jex & Britt, 2008, p. 473). As Jex and Britt, 2008 observed, this developmental process is the blueprint to which any organization that aims at captivating effective performance subscribe. This paper aims to examine the concept of organizational development, explain the process of organizational development, identify the theories associated with organizational development, and describes the conditions necessary for successful organizational change and development. Organizational Development Process.

Any organization’s human resources measures that ensure that the organization maintain a better place to work is likely to prevail and remain competitive in achieving its defined ends. To pull off such standard requires that the organization adapt, diversify, and then ultimately change. “Therefore, there is an area of expertise within human resources hailed as organizational development (OD) that seeks to advance group dynamics, organizational configuration, and culture. According to the OD learning Center, Yale University 2011, organizational development refers to the practice of creating and changing an organization’s culture so that people are better able to...
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