The Role of an OD Consultant

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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What is the role of an OD consultant as a change leader? What are the core competencies of an OD professional? A change leader is the person who is designated to oversee change within an organization (Brown, 2011). The change leader is usually an external or internal practitioner. The external practitioner is brought from outside the organization as consultant who is an OD specialist. An internal practitioner is an individual selected from within the organization. It is dependent upon the organization which type of practitioner is needed to accomplish the change that is needed within the organization. The role of an OD consultant as a change leader is to initiate, stimulate, or facilitate a change program, which begins with the intervention of the OD consultant with the use of several points of entry into an organization (Brown, 2011). The goal entry into the organization by the OD consultant is to be effective, which places emphasis on goal accomplishment; and the other goal is morale, which places emphasis on the relationships and participants satisfaction during change (Brown, 2011).

The core competencies of an OD professional are:
1. Interpersonal skills (Kahnweiler, 2006)
2. Diagnostic ability (Kahnweiler, 2006)
3. Knowledge of OD (Côté, 2004)
4. Theory and practice in OD (Côté, 2004)
5. Design and intervention skills (Côté, 2004)
6. Influencing skills (Côté, 2004)
7. Self-awareness (Côté, 2004)
8. Values and ethics (Côté, 2004)

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Kahnweiler, W. M. (2006). The development of OD careers: A preliminary framework for enacting what we preach. Organization Development Journal, 24(1), 10-21.
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