Leading Organizational Change

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Arkansas, Leadership Pages: 3 (851 words) Published: April 24, 2013
This week’s assignment is about the application of leading organizational change. “Change is a process that makes something different, alters it, or transforms it.” (Howell and Costley 365 - 377) Changes within one’s organization can take a positive effect or a negative effect on that organization; therefore, it is extremely essential that the leaders within that organization take heed to virtually every aspect of the changes taking place in order to ensure quality assurance in one’s organization. “The leader’s role is tremendously important in guiding change efforts in organizations.” (Howell and Costley 365 - 377) In regards to changes within an organization, specifically within a public or a nonprofit organization, many examples can demonstrate many scenarios of a mostly positive outcome because of those changes, but unfortunately, the same can be said about negative outcomes occurring from the results of organizational changes. With that said, the example that shall be used for this assignment shall be a public entity, a state agency to be exact. That state agency is the State of Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission. “The Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission is a state organization empowered to serve all Arkansans. It was created in 1993 by Act 1216 of the Arkansas General Assembly to promote the legacy and philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” (AMLKC) "The newly-established Martin Luther King Jr. Commission…exists to promote the teachings and legacy of Dr. King." (Jet) Its presence illustrates Arkansas’ goal of bringing about more attention to the noble tenants of Dr. King. Since its beginning in 1993, it had though, seen many trials and tribulations, such as ethical issues within the leadership and its 26-member board of commissions, who until 2008 were over the Executive Director and had sole decision of every action taken [and not taken] by the Executive Director. Upon the hiring of current Executive Director, DuShun Scarbrough, in...
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