Force Field Analysis

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Week 04 – Written Assignment – Force Field Analysis
Sarah Schaub
Rasmussen College

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This research is being submitted on May 07, 2013 for Mauvalyn Bowen, PhD FX1 – B420 Section BLN-T Organizational Development – Spring 2013

Week 04 – Written Assignment – Force Field Analysis
What are the macro issues?
One of the macro issues is the fact that Disney is a global corporation and the country operations needed to be weaved together. One example of this is, Hightower claims to have a left a legacy behind of bringing colleagues together within these country operations. He had one U.K. country manager who only looked at the British perspective. In order to make this change, he began having quarterly meetings with himself, eight quarterly managers and four executives from regional offices to open communication. The other macro issue is Disney needed to become more diverse due to being a global corporation and because one thing worked in the United States did not mean it worked in Europe. Due to this, Hightower focused on diverse cultures throughout Europe and increasing licensing and publishing options throughout that country. What are the micro issues?

One of the micro issues that have occurred is autonomy within Disney Europe. A good example of this is when Hightower met with the studio and became aware of the staff referring to the United States and the rest of the world rather than Europe. Hightower began to educate them in the worth of Europe and why it mattered. Although this change was much needed within the culture of Disney Europe, it didn’t have a direct impact on people and how they did their jobs and was a positive change, which made it a small issue essentially.

What are the driving forces (reasons) for change?
The driving force for these changes seems to be for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons seems to be due to the fact that colleagues across continents were not openly communicating and were only seeing things from their...
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