Organizational Design Article Analysis

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  • Published : September 28, 2010
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Organizational Design Article Analysis
This essay will in a few words review the journal article entitled, “Assessing the Fit between Learning Objectives in OD&C Graduate Programs and Organizational Requirements for OD&C Practitioners”. The essay will also focus on the future of organizational design. Both practice and theory are important elements for the viability of organizational design. Future research would include investigating organizations and graduates. This can be done by sampling graduates and hiring managers. Websites like and are excellent ways to obtain information about competency requirements for positions for organizations. Together graduates and organizations can close the missing link for improving conditions that exist within the workplace (O’Neil & Sharp).

The methodology for the psychological empirical research conducted in this article was done with a comparison of data sets. These data sets were derived from content analysis form management skills from human resource departments and skills from college graduates in the area of organizational psychology. The data from these sets was utilized to obtain information about skills, knowledge, and abilities of individuals that work for organizations. These individuals included all employees those in organizational psychology and traditional employees of various organizations (O’Neil & Sharp).

Organizational design is focused on development and training of individuals within the workplace of an organization. Human resource is one of the most important aspects of an organization. Second, various components within the human resource department with the proper execution, organizational analysis, and design will yield the best results for the organization. Research in this article suggests that individuals in management are well placed. However, there is a missing link regarding training and development. This is where organizational psychology is important, and...
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