Organization Study Report Format 1

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, PEST analysis Pages: 2 (260 words) Published: August 20, 2012
Organization Study Report Format
Executive Summary(1 page)
Table of Contents
Introduction gives an idea about the, organization where the study was conducted, nature of the study, method of the study, scope of the study & its objectives and the limitation of the study a.Small description of the organization & nature of the study b.Objective of the study

c.Scope of Study
d.Methodology of Study (Data Collection)
e.Limitation of the study
Industry Profile
a.Global scenario
b.Indian scenario
c.Key players in the industry
d.PEST Analysis
e.Porter’s 5 force Analysis
Company profile
a.Background & History
b.The vision, mission, objectives and SWOT Analysis
c.Products and Markets
Organizational Design and Structure
Business Level Functions
a.Operation Department
b.Human resource department
c.Marketing department
d.Personnel Department
e.Finance department
f.Technical and service department
g.Materials department
h.Engineering department
Analysis of any one problem in any one of the functional department according to your specialization – using two SPSS tests atleast, along with pictorial representations •Findings, Suggestions & Conclusion

Schedule for the Project
Reviews & Presentations

Project starts from 4th July to 3rd August
Duration of the project: 4 weeks
Get the Bonafide certificate from the college
Organizational Study: 1 weeks
Detailed departmental study: 3 weeks
Get permission for final printing of the report14th July: 1st review need to be submitted along with a presentation •21st July: 2nd review and presentation
28st July: 3rd review and presentation
4th Aug: 4th review and presentation
13th Aug: Final submission in the format available in the college
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