Critical Analysis of E-Business in Bangladesh

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The report is divided into several chapters to make it convenient for the readers to understand the scope of the report and the analysis it has made. In the first chapter, the initiative of the study has been mentioned through the origin and objective of the report. Then the methodology of the report is detailed as to how the information was collected and organized. Finally, the limitations of preparing the report have been mentioned. In the next chapter, the strategic groups are discussed. Two of the strategic groups have been considered in the whole E-business industry for the purpose of analysis. Then each of the groups has been analyzed through the information regarding its different companies. Three companies have been considered from each strategic group for the information to collect and analyze. Information from each of the company is then collected and organized in terms of their product or service range, cost of product or service, payment methods and functionality of business operation. In the third chapter, an overall analysis of each of the strategic groups has been made in terms of their market size and growth, overall problem facing, competitive advantages to compete in the industry, and payment system compared to India. First three dimensions are explained separately in prospect of each strategic group. The last dimension is explained in a general view. In the final chapter, some recommendations have been proposed after the observation of the analysis for the improvement and growth in long term of the considered strategic groups in the E-business industry. Finally, the references are given from where the information was collected so that readers can verify its authenticity.

1.0 the initiative for the study
This report fulfills the requirements of the specific grounds and objectives. The report is organized through the study of both primary and secondary sources of information. I have tried to put the concrete information aside from the limitations I have faced in preparing the report. 1.1 The Grounds of Approval and Submittal

The report was assigned to me by our honorable course instructor Mohammad Sajjad Hossain as a requisite of the course Strategic Management (MGT480) to assess our report writing skills and as well as our understanding of the corporate strategy aspects of E-business industry in practical. 1.2 Objective of the Report

In every study there should be organized and specific purposes and objectives. A careful statement and purpose helps in the preparation of a well decorated report on which others can take a right type of decisions. The broad objectives of the study are as follows:

* To achieve the difference between theoretical and practical knowledge. * Investigate the two strategic groups of E-business in Bangladesh. * Analyze the strategic groups by company to company in terms of their product range, cost or price, payment system etc. * Have an overall analysis of the strategic groups through market size, problem analysis, competitive advantage and comparison with nearby country system. * Have a clear idea about the position of the strategic groups in the industry and provide personal recommendations. 1.3 Collection and Organization of Information from Interview and Internet The data used in this report were collected from primary as well as secondary sources. Primary sources include some informal conversation with the customer service or the information group of individual companies. Secondary sources include the official web sites of the companies on the internet.

The report was prepared through some sequential steps. It was compiled into the following steps- i. In the first step, the significant companies of the strategic groups were selected. ii. The information available on the internet was downloaded and analyzed thoroughly. iii. After acquiring the data, it was organized.

iv. Drafts of the report parts were...
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