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Topics: Nutrition, Cholesterol, Statistical significance Pages: 7 (1630 words) Published: September 6, 2010
Submitted to: Mrs. Bernadette Anuat

Submitted by:Victoria Bea Lizarondo
John Mark Guimba
Marinette Duma
Maiko Mahilum
Prince Cedee Sambrano

At our community, lot of Filipinos love street foods. Whenever food carts pass by and they hear it, they will immediately call it so they could by some. But because we know that these street foods are not nutritious, our group thought of making a street food out of a vegetable. The researchers thought of using alugbati since alugbati is already available at their backyard. The alugbati is a great source of antioxidant, vitamins A, B and C, iron and calcium. It also contains high roughage and it’s very easy to digest. They also added some shrimps to add flavor. Shrimp is a good sourc of calcium, iodine, and protein.

First we harvested some alugbati leaves and we washed it with water. Then we sliced it thinly. After that, we mixed all the ingredients and added the alugbati leaves. We then shaped it into small balls and fried it in oil until it was golden brown.

Our study generally aims to produce a kind of street food that is nutritious, special, and of course, delicious using this kind of leafy vegetable.
We are also aiming to compare the taste, appearance, and odor of our own alugbati balls from fishballs, chicken balls and kikiam. After we have made the survey, it shows that our alugbati balls is very much acceptable for mothers than letting their children eat other kind of street foods. Acknowledgement

We would like to thank for the help contributed by the following persons: Gloria O. Lizarondo, Gloria Emeriña O. Lizarondo, Mrs. Bernadette Anuat And most of all…God almighty!
Table of Contents
I. Introduction
a. Background of the Study
b. Statement of Problem/Objectives
c. Significance of the Study
d. Scope and Limitations
e. Review of Related Literature
II. Methodology
a. Materials/Equipment
b. Treatment/General Procedure
III. Results and Discussions
a. Findings
b. Analysis of Data
IV. Conclusions
V. Recommendations
VI. Bibliography

I. Introduction
A. Background of the study and its Importance
The investigators thought of making this study to introduce a product that can replace the usual street food found anywhere with more healthy and affordable one using alugbati leaves.
We already know that street foods are very delicious but sometimes people don’t like eating these foods because these are exposed to dirt and dust.
Our product is highly recommended to offer it to the people specially those who are fond of buying street food. This is full of nutritional value that our human body needs like antioxidants, vitamins A, B and C, iron and calcium that comes from the alugbati leaves. It also contains high roughage and it’s very easy to digest. The shrimp that is mixed in our product is high in calcium, iodine and protein but it is low in food energy. Our alugbati balls is also a significant source of cholesterol

Alugbati is usually found in South East Asia and Africa.
To come up with this kind of research, the reporters were given an idea from the alugbati leaves they saw at the backyard of their neighbor. B. Statement of the Problem
a. Main Objective
To produce an alternative street food from the usual street food we buy with the use of alugbati leaves.
b. Specific Objectives
1. To determine the acceptability of alugbati balls as a kind of street food in terms of:
a. Tasteb. Odorc. Appearance
2. To determine if there is any significant difference between theusual street food and alugbati balls in terms of its nutritional valueand acceptability. C. Significance of the Study
Alugbati leaves can be easily seen in any part of the Philippines. It is also easy to plant in our backyards. The researchers offer another product to our street foods lovers and alugbati consumers a...
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